We Are The Church

The horizon is the edge of what you can see, the supposed separation between earth and sky.  When viewed from high above, you can see a clear line between the dark and the light.  

HORIZON exists to lead students out of the dark into the light of Jesus Christ.  We show students who they are in God’s eyes so they are not tossed about by the storms in this life, so they can see the clear line between dark and light as well.
Though we are students, we are also the church.

Mission Control: Bring a friend

No one flies in space alone; no one walks alone towards God.  Be the vehicle that launches your friends above the fray towards a relationship with Jesus.  Please invite your friends to ask questions and come hear about a life with Jesus.


Orbits: Join a small group

We believe that growing in faith is not done through classes and certificates, but through the ancient way — life-on-life discipleship into the unchanging gospel within a changing culture. Hope teaches faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, as the only way to eternal life.

Event Horizon


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